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Technical Details Needed When Buying Door Hardware

A Closer Look into Technical Details That Need to be Examined to Find Suitable Door Hardware

At the time of buying door hardware, you need to have required knowledge to make the most appropriate choice. What should be the thickness of the door? How much should be the backset? We will explore these and several other questions so that you can make the right selection of Toronto door hardware.

How to select most appropriate door hardware?

Toronto door hardware Let us look at certain important details which you need to pay attention to while choosing door hardware.

How much is the thickness of the door?

You need to select door hardware that will properly fit into your door. For this, you will have to understand how much is the thickness of your door so that you can purchase matching door hardware.

Usually, you will find that thickness of indoor doors is about 3/8 inches while the thickness of exterior doors is around 1 to 3/4 inches.  You will have to share these details with your local Toronto door hardware supplier so that the supplier can suggest hardware that will work with your door.

What is bore hole's size?

Size of the borehole is a value that refers to the diameter of hole present in your door. This information becomes useful when you are going to a Toronto door hardware shop to buy replacement hardware. By having this information you will be able to choose hardware that will correctly fit into the door you have. Likewise, when you have a new door, there should be a hole saw that correctly matches the size of the bore hole. As for instance, when you are attempting to install any deadbolt, the size of the bore hole should ideally be in 2 to 1/8 or 1 to 1/2 inch range. 

Similarly, when you want to set up levers or handle sets, the bore hole should be of 2 to 1/8 inch size. 

How much should be the backset?

Backset describes the distance between edge of the door to center of the bore hole. It will be your responsibility to examine whether a particular type of hardware you want to buy will have required size to fit into several backsets. Generally, backsets have the following sizes; 2 to 3/8 inches and 2 to 3/4 inches and as such you will have to find out the size of existing backset of your own door to get the right door hardware that would match that backset.

How to select door hardware of right configuration?

Usually you can purchase door hardware of varied configuration and it will be necessary to choose hardware that would match your door. One of the important details you must pay attention to is configuration of latch or bolt. If you find that there is round corner or square corner configuration then in such situation there will be a plate surrounding the latch  right on the edge. 

On the other hand, you will find that there is no such plate if it is a drive-in configuration. As such, if you have required information about current configuration then it will become easier to discuss the same with a Toronto door hardware vendor and choose a replacement locket that would be right for your door.


To summarize we will say that having right information is quite important and would help you in selecting the right door hardware.