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Top Trends in Plastic Surgery: Going Beyond Borders


Plastic surgery is no longer new in the world of beauty and fashion. With the modern cosmetic technology, innovation, and techniques, more and more clients are now open to the idea of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Interestingly, women are no longer the only sector who seeks beauty with the hands of aesthetic plastic surgeons, but also men.


The increasing demand for aesthetic surgeries may have been brought by human’s refusal to aging, obesity, or simply become beautiful before your friends, partner, and family’s eyes. According to ISAPS 2014 (International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) reports, there were over 17 million cosmetic surgeries were performed globally and to top all the other countries who have had surgeries during that year was the USA, followed by Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. Although Brazil had been known as the “World Capital of Plastic Surgery,” the USA was able to steal the spot during this year.


Among these past years, United States of America was able to perform 15 million of aesthetic surgical procedure in 2015, which includes breast augmentation, facelifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, Botox, and much more. And when it comes to plastic surgery, US offers best aesthetic surgeon around the world. Brian Kent MD is the top plastic surgeon in Tulsa, where you can find excellence in all of his aesthetic surgical procedures.


As a member of American Board of Plastic Surgery, he offers nothing but safe and efficient solution thorough explanation on the procedure that you desire. Moreover, since he understands that cosmetic and or reconstructive surgery is an important decision you have made, he will give you encouragement and answer all your questions to make you feel comfortable about what you have decided.


However, if you are likely an adventurous person, tyou may even travel abroad just to undergo all over reconstructive surgery. More and more patients are traveling down to Thailand and South Korea.

Although Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is the largest country to perform plastic surgery, it is not the cheapest destination for plastic surgery. Nevertheless, you are still able to save at about 30-40 percent compared to surgeries done in the US.


Surgeries across borders


Although, the US is one of the top performers to plastic and reconstructive surgery, China, South Korea, Japan, and Brazil beats the US when it comes to patients who seeks rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, US are still number one on the list to provide efficiency and safe surgery when it comes to breast augmentation. On the other hand, Brazil tops in liposuction and buttocks augmentation, while Asian countries are more on eyes and eyelid surgeries.


Even so, if you are planning to undergo the aesthetic surgical procedure, it would be wiser to undergo the procedure within the country. This is to ensure that all medical procedures are efficiently mitigated under the law you know. Additionally, to make sure that you will get the safest and efficient cosmetic and reconstructive needs, why not getting in touch with Dr. Brian Kent and meet all your expectations and even let it exceed.

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

breast augmeentation


Liposuction, breast lift, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery: these are only some of the surgical processes that a person may undergo in order to enhance the appearance. Many countries have already removed the stigma of surgery as a fake kind of beauty. It is a globally accepted concept embraced by millions of people as a way to boost their confidence. Plastic surgery is more than just body image. A person is more likely to be away from depression if she is confident. Addiction and dependency on drugs or alcohol and even suicide attempts are more likely to be less probable from women who believe in the power within themselves.

On the other hand, beauty and body enhancement empowers a person. When a person feels beautiful outside, she feels the same way inside. The insecurities brought about by her appearance are gone and are replaced by assurance and confidence. In a world where the media advertises women with slender body figure, curves and full-firm breasts and butts, it is not hard to draw the sketch of a beautiful woman. No company would feature in a TV ad or magazine a woman with a frail and limp body or a fat bulging stomach. Health, fitness and sexiness are always associated with curves and firm body figures. In order for a person to easily fit in to society’s standard of beauty, one must take the necessary investment to alter, change and improve his or herself. If you are among those individuals who believe that appearance could change their lives, look for a board certified doctor to perform your surgical processes. This is to ensure that you only get the best treatment for your sole temple of beauty- your body. Since 2010, Dr Canelli,rated among top 3 plastic surgeon in NJ, has been featured in New Jersey’s Top Doctors magazine as one of the best in the field. His meticulous attention to details and devotion to perfection has earned him his reputation and the trust of many clients. He does not only perform well in the operating room, he also educates his clients prior to the process. This is evidenced by the articles and materials posted on his website.

And not only that, Dr Canelli also has medical clinics across New York and performed outstanding operations. If you’re looking for evidences, check out the before and after photo of his operations in the gallery section of his website. Survey tells that people who undergo plastic surgery, with breast augmentation alone, receives greater sexual satisfaction. The artificial enlargement of the breast through insertion of a silicone bag does not only affect its size, it also boosts confidence. From approving looks to pleasing remarks from others, the process of enhancing the breast size is not an expense to be considered, but an investment to venture. History has endured criticisms on the aesthetics of a person and psychological distress is sure to come after which. However, a person who has decided to undergo the process of plastic surgery has overcome these problems. Moreover, a woman is more likely to find a suitable partner for her if she invests on her body image. Since many, if not all, of the men are primarily interested in the opposite partner’s appearance, a woman who could leave an impression through her body could achieve satisfying results. Studies have associated sexual satisfaction and body image to be largely dependent of each other.

If you want only the best New Jersey Plastic Surgeon for your breast and or body to help you with your sexual happiness, go to: www.drracanelli.com/breast-augmentation-in-nj.