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Methods to earn free gold and cash in CSR 2 Racing

The game presently specs some Fast and Furious characters. So, definitely, everyone wants them and the new vehicle, and the parts.

And, thus, this page is going to tell the tricks and tips and csr racing 2 mod apk hack ways in the game to earn that plus gold and cash. Some of it are pretty simple, such as by completing offers and accepting the free cash offered.

Here I will list out the ways and all of these game hack methods

Crew championship

Winning races earn you cash. Win more, and get high cash. Anyway, if you manage to win a championship instead and locate in the top million. Higher rank means more cash, so your skill will pay you well in here. You can participate in a Championship being a part of the crew first and visit the crew hangout to join Crew championship. You can earn cash from the Championship based on your rank.

Win a race

This is a racing game, so clearly, racing is a technique of living in the game.  You earn cash every time you win a race. Not only cash, you can also earn gold from filling up the respect point bar. When you win races, you fill the bar. Once the bar is filled, which means you get a level, you earn your gold.

Completing offers

There you will view a list of offers with the amount of gold you can earn from it. Some offers need you to spend money on it, such as by subscribing or registering on a specific app. But, do not hesitate, most of it are offers that can be done without spending a one cent. Once you done them, you will earn your gold.

Complete goals

The goals area reward you with mostly cash, sometimes rarely gold and keys. Rare, but still there. Finish the goals as soon as easy as so that new quests can be produced. Definitely, finish with quests with cash reward first, so that the chance for the next goal to be a gold one is very higher.

Sell unused parts

You can get some parts in the trial area and if those parts are not for vehicles that you already have, you can sell them for cash.

These are some of the big methods to earn gold and cash in the game. Hope that this csr racing 2 hack tool can be supportive for you and most vitally, enjoy the game!