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Top Battlefields To Visit In France

Visiting a battlefield is a very different experience than visiting other kinds of tourist destinations. Most of the history enthusiasts like to visit places like museums, battlefields and monuments. Below are a few top battlefields in France:

Courtesy: battlefield-guides

1. Schoenenbourg Maginot Line Fort

This fort is one of the many forts that were built on the France and Germany border. The main purpose of this was to defend France from attacks from Germany especially after the First World War. This is the biggest fort on the border and was designed in such a way that it could easily be used under extreme situations. This fort has lots of places to store food, has a water source, weapons and a medical station.

2. Somme Battlefields

These battlefields may appear beautiful but are sites where a lot of destruction once took place and hundreds and thousands of soldiers got killed. The main purpose of this battle was to destroy all German trenches so that the French and British armies could enter no man’s land to capture the German troops. The troops were warned so very little damage was inflicted on the German trenches but several soldiers from both sides were killed nonetheless. Now you can visit these battlefields similar to the Australia western front.

3. Oradour-Sur-Glane

It is a village in France where people suffered a lot at the hands of Nazi soldiers during World War 2. They killed most of the population of this village and completely destroyed their places of residence as well. After the Second World War this village was built again. 

These are some of the top battle fields in France which tourists can easily visit.